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Orthotics in Youngstown, Ohio

Since 2001, we've been offering state-of-the art orthotic appliances to individuals throughout the Youngstown, OH area. 

We're passionate about our patients and make sure they always come first throughout rehab and the healing process.


Upper orthotics

Upper limb orthotics can be used after an injury to prevent further injury, or reduced pain by supporting an injured limb.

  • Prevent or correct deformity reducing pain and maximising function in reach and grasp tasks.

  • In prove efficiency of reach and grasp tasks

  • Off load an inju red limb to allow healing

  • Reduce need for compensation of ipsilateral and contralateral limbs and secondary pain

  • Improve role of upper limb in maintaining balance

Upper Limb Orthotics

  • Clavicular and shoulder orthoses

  • Arm orthoses

  • Functional arm orthoses

  • Elbow orthoses

  • Forearm-wrist orthoses

  • Forearm-wrist-thumb orthoses

  • Forearm-wrist-hand orthoses

  • Hand orthoses

  • Upper-extremity orthoses

Wrist Hand Orthosis- (WHO)

Utilized for the treatment of disorders of the wrist, hand, and/or fingers below the elbow joint


Lower Orthotics

Lower limb orthoses are bracing devices used to manage orthopedic and neurologic effects on the otherwise intact extremities. Lower limb orthoses are used to provide support to a limb, improve alignment, improve function, control motion, reduce falls, provide pain relief, correct deformities, and reduce deformity progression.

Our orthotists specialize in adult and pediatric orthotic care. An orthotist’s main goal in creating an orthosis for a patient is to make an orthotic device that is lightweight, functional, and comfortable to help a patient restore function and improve quality of life. 


Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO)

A support intended to control the position and motion of the ankle, compensate for weakness, or correct deformities. AFOs can be used to support weak limbs, or to position a limb with contracted muscles into a more normal position

Ulcer Healing Orthosis (UHO) 

A custom-made ankle/foot orthosis for the treatment of patients having plantar ulcers is disclosed, which comprises a rigid L-shaped support member and a rigid anterior support shell hingedly articulated to the L-shaped support member. This is also commonly known as a crow boot.

Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis-(KAFO)

A long-leg orthosis that spans the knee, the ankle, and the foot in an effort to stabilize the joints and assist the muscles of the leg. While there are several common indications for such an Orthosis, muscle weakness and paralysis of the leg are the ones most frequently identified.

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